Backup and restore Google Workspace data

    Google Workspace data encompasses a wide range of applications such as Gmail, Drive, Shared Drives, Contacts, Calendar, and more. Securing this extensive data is crucial as it is prone to accidental deletion, malware attacks, and data loss. Even a small incident resulting in such critical data loss can pose a significant risk to your business.

    Why is Google Workspace backup crucial?

    Protection from unintended deletion

    Ensure the safety of your data across all Google Workspace applications with automated backups performed three times daily.

    Protect against ransomware threats

    Incremental data backup, granular data recovery, and point-in-time data restore secure your data against ransomware attacks.

    Snapshot-based data retention

    Snapshots are an intuitive data recovery feature that stores multiple copies of backed up data, allowing you to select versions during restoration.

    Access to SaaS data

    Access and manage your cloud-based data backup. Download, export, or execute cross-over data restoration easily.

    Comprehensive data protection

    AES 256-bit encrypted data storage and transfer, 3x automated data backups, and industry-standard complying storage ensure data security.

    Backup for personal Google accounts

    Configure your personal Google accounts for backup and secure your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts data. Ensure the safety of your and your family’s data against accidental deletion and loss with automated backups three times a day and snapshot-based restore.

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    Getting started

    • Google Workspace Backup

      Click 'Google Workspace' Backup

      Go to 'Google Workspace Backup' in your account.

    • Google Workspace Backup

      Enable Backup

      Configure and enable backup for the Google Workspace account of your company.

    • Google Workspace Backup

      Manage backup

      Automatically backup your Gmail, Google Drive, Shared Drives, Calendar, and Contacts data.

    • Google Workspace Backup

      Incremental restore

      Restore specific or entire Google Workspace data across applications.

    • Google Workspace Backup

      Centralized management

      Access users, monitor backups, perform restores, and configure data retention via web console.

    * You need to add your Google Workspace account to the RemotePC for backup. Know more

    $20/Seat/Year with 10 TB storage per seat

    Monthly plans available at $2/Seat

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