Troubleshooting simplified for businesses and MSPs

  • Customer Support

    Provide effective customer service via remote desktop software from anywhere. Get up to 60 FPS speed when connecting via desktop.

  • IT Help Desks

    Your IT Help Desk can resolve customer issues and speed up resolution time with instant assistance, using remote desktop support software.

  • Computers and Mobiles

    Remote into customers computers or iOS and Android devices from anywhere.

Why RemotePC HelpDesk?

  • Remote assistance

    • With an email invite or session code, establish an ad-hoc remote session at request for quick fix.
    • Get near 60 FPS speed during sessions via desktop; use in-session chat, access multiple monitors, receive files, lock computer, etc.,
  • Security

    • Industry standard TLS v1.2 and AES 256 bit encryption ensures secure remote sessions.
    • Verify sign-ins via additional one-time code sent to email for two-factor authentication.
  • Simple to use

    • No additional software installation required for technicians to connect to remote PC, Mac or mobile device.
    • Privacy-focused cross platform remote desktop support software.

Remote into mobile devices

Provide remote support for customers mobile specific issues. Remotely control or troubleshoot their iOS or Android device from anywhere.